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Walking tour in Pamplona


Bus ride from the University of Navarra to the city centre.

On the bus we will get to know a few facts about Pamplona and its history and traditions.




Cathedral. We will visit the gothic Cathedral of Pamplona (built in the 14th-16th century).

We will have the opportunity to see the cathedral as well as the dining hall (refectory), the kitchen, the cloister and the bedrooms where the people working for the bishop used to sleep.


 Meson del Caballo Blanco (The White Horse Inn). One of the most visited spots in Pamplona, with an incredibly beautiful view over the city walls (built in the 16th-18th century) and the mountains surrounding the valley of Pamplona.

This very old house (built in 1492) is now a bar/restaurant where we will have a drink and one of its really tasty pintxos (tapas or fingerfood).


Walking tour in the old quarter (city centre). We will have a look at the actual streets where bulls run during the festival of San Fermín. We will also have the opportunity to see the city hall, seat for the municipal government and the place where every 6th July the festival of San Fermín begins.



Café Iruña. The oldest café in the city (serving coffee and other drinks since 1888) and also known as Hemmingway’s Café, because this famous American writer used to hang out quite often in that place. We will have a look at the same decor (Liberty Style / Art Nouveau / Jugendstil) Hemmingway saw in the 1920s when he first visited the city of Pamplona.


Dinner at Café Iruña. We will have the opportunity to try some of the most typical dishes in the local cuisine and have a go at some of the wines produced in the region (red, white and rosé).